Looking to work in the Medical Marijuana or Retail Cannabis industry?


Pre-qualify to get started:

  • Medical Marijuana Card AKA Thered card” (allows you to purchase and use medicinal marijuana, but you must be ill in some manner; See if you qualify here! Speak with a medical doctor prior to purchasing marijuana from a legal seller.)
  • Medical-Marijuana Occupational License / MED Occupational License (allows you to work within MED licensed Medical and Retail Marijuana facilities or for employees of vendors that provide services to MED Medical and Retail Marijuana business licensees.)
  • Legitimacy of Training or Legal Work Experience
  • Eagerness to Learn and Grow

Here’s more detail:

A medical marijuana license is a form of legal documentation that allows anyone with proper medical papers to purchase and use medicinal marijuana. Medical cannabis, or marijuana, is not legal in every country.  Some states within the United States allow the legal purchase of medicinal marijuana as well as retail .

Just perform a Google search replacing the State and there you have it!

Most states will require you to apply for a medical-marijuana card and/or a medical-marijuana occupational license, which allow you to work in recreational shops. Some companies do not mind if you’re a marijuana user (for medical or recreational) but each company has a right to hire based on their own individual company rules. Best way to put it – just because you work in the industry, doesn’t mean you can be a current user of the products of the industry – you know what we mean? LOL!


Today, you have the unique opportunity, to engage, utilize and grow with a group of professional, creative career seekers and employers who're looking to make a match. We are creating a safe place where employers and cannabis career seekers like you can meet and make arrangements to pursue further employment opportunities. Enjoy The Cannabis Job Board.